Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The obligatory "Welcome Post"!

Hi, since The Republic of Geektopia has been "live" for a few days, I thought I would put up a welcome post. My primary focus here will be on my hobbies, primarily 1/6 scale dolls/ action figures, scale modeling and assorted other stuff. I don't generally discuss politics and current affairs here but I may raise such issues from time to time, especially as they relate to my hobbies. I also tend to grouse a bit about my experiences at various on-line communities (message boards) and the interactions I have with some individuals within the hobby. Keep in mind that, although this blog is new, I'm not new to blogging. I also don't generally critique without bringing some personal experience. I have been an admin or moderator on several message boards and have helped run and been a stakeholder in business, so I at least TRY to offer informed opinions.

This blog will also serve as a repository for selected posts from some of my previous blogs. I will be going through a process of re-working and condensing my various activities within the "blogosphere" in to a more manageable package.

While nothing here will be overtly "adult", the language can get pretty course at times. I write from the standpoint of an adult and generally address a mature audience. (Albeit one that collects toys and such!) This blog is MY "bully pulpit" and if you live to dash around lecturing, correcting and trolling other authors you won't be welcomed here for long. Go start your own blog and bitch about stuff there! I've long since quit suffering the archetypal internet basement dwellers who believe their mission in life is to "school" others, talk down to them and attempt to assert their self-proclaimed intellectual and moral superiority. For what it's worth, comments here are likely to be either moderated or simply turned off, depending on how the mood strikes me.