Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day- July 2016 Photoblog

I have to admit feeling a bit ambivalent about an Independence Day themed blog entry. I love my country but I'm feeling pretty unhappy with the state of things right now…. Well, let's not get in to socio-political stuff.

At the suggestion of the lovely Mrs. Geektopian,  this month's entry is General George Washington. Hasbro made this figure as part of their Famous Generals GI Joe series way back in the late '90s. (Way back? Holy heck! Really?) He's pretty much a standard Classic Collection Joe body with a rather nice head sculpt and accessories and he had remained in his box right up until I did the photo shoot. I had plans to switch his body with a later GI Joe Super Articulated body but I've decided to leave him as he is for now.

First, the standard views that I post with every entry-

Now some detail shots-

 The very nice map table and accessories.

The 13 star flag, which proved to be surprisingly difficult to photograph.

Finally, some shots of the elaborate box. He spent around 18 years in this box but he's happy to be out and ready to kick that Cornholio guy's ass! Oh sorry, that was Cornwallis! LOL

Friday, July 1, 2016

Brief Delay…. Again!

Hey folks, just like with June's entries, July's entry will be delayed. I plan to post on July 4th to coincide with US Independence Day. For many of you, this means it will appear later in the day of the 4th or even possibly on July 5th. After this, the monthly photo blog should hopefully return to its regular first of the month schedule.