Friday, February 28, 2014

Commissar-General Seraya

Alrighty then, here's the last of the photos from my January 2014 snow day photo shoot. Commissar-General Seraya Reichhart has been my chief bad guy girl/ antagonist since back around 2006, although she went through a couple of previous iterations before arriving at the appearance you see now.

Seraya herself is an Obitsu standard hard torso body with a very Obitsu-like pre-painted head I bought on eBay several years ago. At the time, I call this head and some others I bought "HK mystery heads" because they were sold through a few Hong Kong based eBay vendors but had no brand attached to them. She's wearing a WW2 German female cut Luftwaffe uniform from In The Past Toys and her hat is from DiD with new insignia from some self-adhesive scrapbook bits. She also has a white Azone dress shirt and marching boots from one of Dragon's Soviet female solders.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adventurer's Club - Feb. 2014

This month's Adventurer's Club theme is "local attractions" which proved to be surprisingly difficult for me to come up with an entry. I've been feeling a bit grumpy about my locality so it was hard to think of something attractive to post. Finally, I looked around my house and came up with something neat and bit more classy than the sewer access cover out in the alley!

Here, Lycee is posing with two West African carved wood statues that are in the collection of the Bookshelf Museum of Post-Modern Antiquities and Random Stuff.
Lycee is... well... Lycee! More correctly, she's an Azone PN Lycee Progression who I hope to have as one of my regular Adventurers. The African figures are exactly that. They are Ibeji figures from the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria. Ibejis are nearly always made in pairs as they represent twin siblings; the Yoruba have one the highest rates of fraternal twin births of any people on earth.

I'm glad I managed to get this done before the end of the month and now I'm ready to find out what Heather has planned for March. Stay tuned!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to the Goon Squad?

In the days before he was the de facto Dear Leader of the Caelian Democratic Republic, Alrich Stahl was the officer in charge of my old goon squad, the Generic Evil Minions (GEMs). Befitting such a position, then-Capt. Stahl wore a black uniform that exudes an aura of smug, nasty authoritarianism and he wore it quite well I think. Recently, I've been getting bored with Stahl in his Dear Leader role and I've been playing around with ideas for a reconstituted goon squad. Who knows when that will happen but in the mean time, I dug up some photos of Alrich back in his GEM days. I was happy enough with this look that I would re-dress him more or less exactly the same way. BTW, there's not one WW2 German item on this figure. It's mostly a combination of modern law enforcement and WW2 Soviet stuff.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oh NOES!!! Caelians in the yard!!!

While the back yard slumbers beneath a blanket of snow and ice, members of the Caelian National Defense Force are seen patrolling near the southwest corner. This is a clear violation of the sovereign territory of the back yard and raises concerns that the Caelians may be looking to launch a "pre-emptive  counter-attack in self defense" to "liberate and secure the back yard in the name of The People for The Greater Good"... or something like that!

Anyway, this is another set from my recent snow day photo session. The Caelian National Defense Force is my fictional military, based on the armies of Eastern Europe during the Cold War era with a particular nod to the East German Nationale Volksarmee. Long time reader(s) may recall seeing one of these guys here before, back in late 2011- Minions, pt. Dos, although I've made a few changes to them since then. The big difference with this guy is the reversible winter coat which has camo on one side and white on the other.  I also dumped the "Chi-Com" style chest rig in favor of a belt with a four-magazine ammo pouch, which is much more typical of Soviet and Eastern European armies. When or if I get the whole squad together for a group photo session, I'll discuss and show this stuff in much more detail.