Monday, October 12, 2015

The Passing of Another Giant....

This hardly got a mention in the press, so I had missed it until two months after the fact. One of the great influences of modern day scale modeling passed away back in August. Sheperd Paine, who created the How To Build Dioramas series for Monogram Models and later went on to author a series of books for Kalmbach in the 1980s, died on August 1, 2015 at age 69 after suffering a stroke.

Shep's influence on me, as well as countless modelers around the world, can not be understated. He was also a huge influence on my interest in photography and there's a little bit of his method and ideas in every image I take. The world has become a slightly less for his passing and I mourn the loss of a great artist and personal influence.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Photoblog Thing- October 2015

  Up until a few months ago, everything seemed normal. Well, at least as "normal" as things ever get anymore. When the shit hit the fan, there was chaos; slow at first then just totally crazy. I was called back to my unit but I never made it. I met up with other guys in the military who said the same thing. Some of us banded together- didn't matter anymore if we'd been Army, Air Force, Navy or a Marine like me. We were in this to survive now, to protect our families, and God willing, maybe rebuild a life again. Hopefully, we'll learn from our mistakes. Hopefully, we'll do better and future generations won't have to suffer for decades or even centuries. But people are people and human nature never really changes, no matter how we try to believe otherwise.

But enough talk, there's work to do and lives to protect. So lemme get back to it!

This month's downer scenario stars BBI's Tony Bishop, a US Marine MEU figure that was released about a decade ago. I kept tinkering with him because I couldn't settle on a look I wanted for him. I finally said "to hell with it", took off most of his stock gear and redressed him in a hodgepodge of stuff. Tony still wears his USMC desert MARPAT pants, USMC boots and t-shirt but with and older pattern boonie hat, aftermarket chest rig and civilian wind jacket. His weapon of choice is an AKM, the more common version of the AK47, and he also carries a couple of knives. I should have added a pistol but I didn't realize that until after I had uploaded the photos. I came up with a SHTF scenario that implies some sort of wide-spread collapse of order and government but leaves you to fill in the blanks.

Anyway, here he is, so I hope you like him.

I tried to get a bit artsy with this last photo.