Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Operation: L.A.C.K.

Sorry for the lack of updates this past month or so. I actually have a couple of posts saved as drafts and have some photos to add but I've been a bit unmotivated lately. Anyway, with that in mind, I have decided to inaugurate Operation: L.A.C.K. which stands for Lame Ass Crappy Kitbash. Basically, it's just a series of uninspired, quickly done 1/6 figure "bashes" (that's "manly-man" speak for "dressing your dolls") made from stuff I have on hand. Mostly, this will use bits and pieces that most "serious" 1/6 scale action figure enthusiasts tend to disregard and/or over-look nowadays. In other words, most of my collection!

First up is this guy, based (as is often the case) on a GI Joe Super Articulated body. He has a head from the GIJ "Joe vs Cobra/Spy Troops" line's Gung Ho. While I like the sculpt, he never struck me as being the character of Gung Ho... eh, so be it!

(Yes, the photos are totally shite.)

Most of his uniform and gear is from 21st Century's Ultimate Soldier line. It's a carded Navy SEAL set that 21C released in the late- '90s if I remember correctly. This one was still on the card until I opened up this afternoon. I added a couple of additional ammunition pouches and a butt pack (heh!) also from 21C but the rest is from the set. I decided to switch his rifle and boots for items from Dragon. The boots are Altima-style Panama sole jungle boots and the rifle is a common M4 with accessory rails and an added optical sight. I like the boots that came in the 21C set but they're a bit small and lack the insoles Dragon boots have, which I believe help the stability of the standing figure. The rifle is simply more detailed than the 21C piece and represents a later version with the Picatinny tactical rails, used for adding various accessories like the sight seen here. The sight is probably totally wrong for this figure and even now, internet experts are foaming at the mouth and bleeding from the ears over such wretched inaccuracy!

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