Sunday, August 31, 2014

Leona's Problem- Adventurers Club August 2014

So, the Adventurers Club challenge for August is Transportation. Normally, there are plenty of transports for the various folks in the doll and action figure crew here but finding the time to set up the shoot has proven challenging to say the least. Anyway....

If you are familiar with Dominion: Tank Police, you know lead character Leona commands a tiny tank named Bonaparte. My 1/6 scale Leona doesn't have a tank (or her partner Al to drive it) so she went looking around to see what she could find. She heard there was a tiny tank available but upon seeing it in person, she was a bit disappointed!

Leona: "Yeeeaaah, I just don't think this is gonna work for me."

Well, hang in there Leona and good luck with your search!


  1. Haha! This is a time when Leona needs to really blow up a tank!! (size wise that is)

    1. I would love to have something she could actually fit in to. Alas, both money and storage space make such a thing impractical.