Sunday, October 12, 2014

Geektopia: The Next Gen.... Uh, Year

OK, not really The Next Generation so much as just musing on what to do next year. I miss blogging but honestly, with two little rug rats in my life, I barely have time for it nowadays. Most of what I write here is done on my phone with final editing and adding images done on a desktop. (How last decade of me, huh?) I still prefer Blogger's desktop interface to the mobile version but if I'm going to continue blogging, this is how I'll need to do it!

Nevertheless, I hope to push on even if what I post isn't the most brilliant stuff you've ever seen. With that in mind, here's my plan.

For the coming year, I'd like to start a regular series featuring GI Joe. Maybe once or twice a month, I would post a blog with a photo or photos of a 1/6 scale GI Joe. Maybe some combination of real-world historical, modern and fictional military along with just whatever strikes my fancy... say maybe just a guy in jeans and a t-shirt or that sort of thing. Question is, could you, my loyal readers, stand that much 1/6 scale plastic "sheer damn manliness" during the next year or does it sound as exciting as watching paint dry? Any ideas about what I should call this feature? I guess "Joe Of The Month" works if it's just once a month but if I do it every two weeks, maybe something more creative?

Of course, this doesn't mean an end to the other stuff. I still love the Azone, Obitsu and Volks girls I have, as well as my older collection of Cy Girls. I could spend the next couple of years focusing on those dolls and never run out of material. Heck, at the rate I post, I could just concentrate on a few of my Azone PN girls and never run out of material! I still have this vague idea for some of my Azone girls to star in a regular feature where they travel a sort retro-techno-fantasy Dieselpunk world in an airship. It sounds great in theory but I can't imagine actually having the time or resources to pull it off.

I guess what this all comes down to is that I've realized structure and regular scheduling can keep things going when Real Life™ gets in the way. I believe my participation in The Adventurers Club helped me come to that conclusion and I would like to build upon that experience to keep this blog from being idle for too long. Hopefully, what I post will be interesting to all of you who read this and not run too far off the rails. Stay tuned and we'll see how this develops!


  1. I will read whatever you post. Your blog always makes me look at things differently.

    1. Cool! I have a couple of other ideas I would like to introduce next year. I'm still thinking about which of them I'd like to do because I can't see doing more than two regular features a month. Not surprisingly, my cher bebes leave me with little time for much else! LOL