Saturday, November 1, 2014

Next Gen part 2

Hey, more boring, content-free blogging! Anyway, I've been reflecting a bit on my last post and have decided to "up the ante" by adding another feature. In theory, this means that at least twice a month *GASP* there will be something posted here. The Obitsu Project is something I've already been doing informally and occasionally but now hope to post monthly. Basically, this works the same way as the GI Joe project I mentioned last time. Once a month, I'll post photos of an Obitsu or Obitsu-based doll with some brief description or back story. As long as the base doll is Obitsu, it fits the category; including Azone hybrids and dolls I've put together myself with heads from other manufacturers.

OK, so this doesn't sound like much of a challenge. After all, how hard could it be to dress a few dolls and take some photos? *SNERK* A few years ago, something like this would not have been a problem. These days, it can often be darn-near impossible. Dressing or "kit bashing" 24 individual figures, photographing all them and posting the results twice a month is pretty formidable for me. Hopefully, it should also be fun and a way to keep me focused on this blog for the foreseeable future.

What does this mean for other subjects like my Azone Pure Neemo girls? Honestly, I don't know yet but they aren't going away for now. One possibility is to alternate PN girls one month and Obtisu the next. That's not my plan at the moment but it's certainly worth considering. In theory, the PN girls would appear unscheduled but often, like other dolls, toys and what-not. I would love to do a regular travel feature with one or more of my Azone PN girls, kind of like slmka's LSO, with visits to various places of interest but again, that really isn't possible right now.

Meanwhile the GI Joe and Obitsu features will be my regular posts for 2015 with, hopefully, other dolls to fill in the spaces.

Ah, together again!

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  1. As much as we all enjoy blogging, sometimes, when life gets in the way it becomes very difficult to achieve a balance. I am so hopeless, full of good intentions but I get side tracked easily and other times I find challenges just end up in the too hard basket. I hope you have better luck staying on track in 2015 than I have in 2014. :)