Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Let's Joe! March 2015

Holy cow, I was starting to believe this month's entry wasn't going to happen! So much drama for one fairly unremarkable photo shoot....

Anyway, our Joe for March has been outfitted as a police officer. His body armor says SWAT so I'll say he's on the SWAT team too! Although he was a simple figure to put together, I'm generally happy with the way he turned out. I didn't come up with any kind of back story or even a name for him so I'll leave it to you the readers to fill in those blanks.

His outfit is mostly some old BBI stuff with a few (also old) 21st Century Toys items thrown in.

Finally, I included a shot of Joe hanging out and chatting with Officer Ryotsu Kankichi. Ryo-san is a Bandai figure from the late '90s and still one of my favorites. You'll notice that there's more than a passing similarity in the way these two are designed. The story is that when Hasbro was working on what would become the Super Articulated body, the designers were provided with one of these Ryo-san figures by a local collector and it may have influenced some of the engineering choices they made. Who knows whether that's the case but I know the Hasbro folks at least had a chance to examine a copy of Ryo-san when this version of GI Joe was being designed, so it's an interesting bit of trivia.

I hope to keep on chugging along with this project but like I said in my last post, it has been stupidly difficult recently to simply take photos or put together figures. I have been playing with Instagram the past few days (I'm Geektopian there too) and it's fun for quick, on the go shots. However, I don't see it quite filling the same role as this blog nor replacing it in the near future. I am determined to keep things going here at RoG but please bear with me if things get quiet around here from time to time. Meanwhile, I'll keep trying to crank out photos and posts about little plastic people!

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  1. I am so pleased you have decided that RoG is going to continue, I would have missed your masculine input to my day! :) I think most of us understand that life can really get in the way of "playtime" occasionally, but hey, whatever would become of us if we didn't have a life apart from dolls & plastic people? It's a bit like the hill and valley days, life would become very boring if we stayed on the same level plane, we all need variety in our lives to be able to really enjoy those wonderful highs that come with "playtime". Stick with it, we'll keep hanging around. :)