Thursday, April 9, 2015

Let's Joe! April 2015 -part 2

The second set of photos for this month's Let's Joe! covers the accessories avaiable for the WW2 Takara Combat Joe.

First up, some of the extras from the basic figure. These items are the helmet, web belt and rank patches. Unlike the Hasbro versions I remember, these patches are printed on a cloth-like material. The belt and helmet are also unique, although I found the helmets strap system a bit wonky compared to the Hasbro version.

The basic carded accessory set includes some unique items not found in Hasbro releases. The entrenching tool (shovel) and cover look at least similar to the early Hasbro items as does the canteen pouch. The canteen IS different than any Joe versions I've seen, however. The .45 pistol is vaguely similar to the US versions, although molded in a solid green with no additional paint. The first aid pouch is obviously different from the plastic Hasbro version, the pistol holster looks different too and the three cell ammo pouch is unique and seems to require you fold it before you put it on the belt. My guess is that it will hold three 30 round magazines for the Thompson M1 submachine gun.

Speaking of the famous "Tommy Gun", that comes next and is one of the most interesting pieces for me.

It's a model kit! Not kidding here, you build Combat Joe's weapon by cutting plastic parts off sprues and snapping them together. I guess some plastic cement would help too but it does appear to be a snap together kit.

Sorry for the glare but you can see the sprues and instructions in this shot. You even assemble the four magazines from two halves each and there are also a couple of grenades. Can you imagine a kid today getting a bag of parts and instructions to build their own accessories from? Heck, even I'm not that patient anymore!

Finally, here's a shot of the assembled M1 Thompson SMG. I didn't stop and build this from the kit above. The seller I purchased these items from included an assembled weapon as well. I didn't see the grenades or spare magazines but I'm not too worried about that.

I'm not a big collector of vintage Joes and non-US versions but I thought this guy was too cool to pass up. I had wanted a Combat Joe for many years and was thrilled to find one in excellent condition at a very reasonable price. I'm tempted to add another one to my stash-o-crap... uh.... collection if I find something interesting again. There's also a "modern" (1980s style) US soldier and a SWAT team member, as well as a WW2 German soldier and an officer. Even more interesting is the Combat Joe in a Godzilla suit! Then there are a number of figures and accessories from the '60s and '70s that are closer to the Hasbro offerings except for the unique anime-style head. OK, OK, maybe I should stick to this one guy. For now...!


  1. This was a very cool review post! The Japanese GI Joes is news to me, so I'm happy you posted about them.

    Wow that model kit machine gun is awesome! I really like the vintage GI Joe accessories, they are so detailed~ I went to a toy fair here in Finland and looked for vintage Joes... they don't seem to be too big with collectors here (or then they have their own top secret GI Joe societies or something), since I only found one with a lot of accessories. I would have really wanted to get him but he was a bit over-priced. Oh well, the search continues and there's always eBay. :3

    Meanwhile, my dad has found a lot of 90's Action Man figures for me and they are cool but I'd really like to find GI Joes from 60's and 70's with more realistic accessories and clothing too.

  2. I've been imagining a secret society of middle aged Finnish men who collect GI Joes, Action Man, et al and hold secret meetings in secret locations...and yeah, I'm loopy from lack of sleep.

    Believe it or not, I only have a few vintage Joes and a bit of clothing and accessories. Even then, a lot of it is stuff left over from childhood. I have more luck with eBay than I did with local flea markets and such. There are also a couple of US online retailers who I have luck finding older stuff. I should probably post a list of my favorite online retailers to lend a hand.