Sunday, July 19, 2015

July's uh, pictures of some figure or the other.

OK, so I haven't exactly decided what I'll call the regular photo blog entry(ies) but here goes. Our subject for July is named Lam and he's a sniper in the Hong Kong Police Special Duties Unit. I'm guessing he's probably based on an SDU officer in the days before HK reverted to Chinese control but I don't know.

Lam is an early Dragon figure that was released as part of a "team" of four or five SDU officers. Unlike the other guys in this series, he has a complete, early style British DPM uniform and his rifle appears to be some variant of the Heckler and Koch G3; possibly an MSG 90. Although he's pretty light on gear, I've always liked this guy and found his uniform and weapons useful for other projects. In one of those odd measures of the 1/6 scale figure market, the complete figure himself often sells for $20-$25 USD these days while individual parts like the uniform and rifle often sell for around $10 each. Anyway, on with the boring photos!

Possibly my favorite iteration of the UK DPM uniform.

Browning 9mm pistol in the holster. Didn't get another pic of it, I just realized.

US M7 bayonet. It really fits any Dragon M16/M4 family rifle with an attachment lug.

MSG 90 in "drag bag" carrying case.

Lam in one of the worst sniper poses I've ever done!
Lam also came with a larger, British style gas mask bag but I decided not to attach it to his belt. It seemed a bit unnecessary for a sniper but maybe I'm wrong about that.

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  1. Oh I think he'd be manly enough to carry both GT, but you are right, I don't think a sniper would need it.
    Hope you are having an enjoyable week.