Monday, September 7, 2015

Blogging and Job Hunting (a Labor Day rant)

So, Mrs G and I are both in the job market (aka outta work) and I'm spending much of my limited computer time filling out applications. To be honest, I've been out of the game for a while, I've spent the last few years as a stay-at-home dad and I'm getting closer to 50 than I care to admit! Mrs G is a hard working, highly motivated and loyal employee who recently got unceremoniously sh** canned after over a decade at her job. We are both feeling pretty discouraged right now but driven by the need to sustain our family. The sad thing is, we know a number of other people in our age group who are in similar or worse situations; some barely hanging on to careers they have while others can't get work at all. One friend was recently told by a long-time professional colleague that he was now essentially black-listed from an industry he'd worked in for 20+ years. I might add, an industry well-known for its deep financial commitments to "social justice causes" and "sustainable, green initiatives" but infamous for treating employees and even executives like total crap. Not to mention the obvious disdain for their pissant proletariat slaves uh, customers. If you are reading this, you are familiar with that industry.

And no, I don't expect government and politicians of any party to fix this or make it better. Neither do I expect that corporate or institutional leaders will change much. I expect to hear a lot about what they intend to do and how it'll all get better and how wonderful they are for doing it but I write most of that off as self-serving propaganda. OK, I'll try to spare you the socio-political opinion stuff since that's not what you're here to read.

Anyway, this has at least given me a little bit of extra time to catch up on blogging and photography. You'll probably see an increase in activity here, at least through the end of the year. I'm building up a small reserve of material to post the next few months and I may even post twice monthly photo blogs through December. I have more figures in the queue and it's really just a matter of getting them ready and outside to photograph.

Meanwhile, if you know anyone looking to hire a pudgy, lazy guy in his late 40s with no special skills, two small kids to raise and enough toys to populate a small town, then I'm the guy! Or as I used to say, if you need an employee bad, I'm the bad employee you need!


  1. Oh dear! All I can say is "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!"

    (Actually in my case, I go shopping.) :)
    Keep your chin up ol' boy!

    1. I'm trying to keep my chin up. I appreciate your support!

  2. So sad to hear about your situation. :( I hope things will work out for your family soon!
    I'm feeling really worried and slightly panicked about these news of good, long-time workers getting kicked out of their jobs for no reason (or because the companies want more profit, sacking some employees and pushing their workload on fewer employees...).

    1. The major problem is that when neither political or corporate leadership has any understanding of basic economics. Everything is very short term, narrow minded and destined for trouble. Yeah, I'm frustrated and there's not a lot of positive to hang on to.