Sunday, November 1, 2015

Photoblog Thing- November 2015

This month, I wanted to do something a bit sci-fi/retro/dieselpunk. This guy is constructed from bits of various 3A- Ashley Wood figures I've collected over time, most notably the World War Robot N.O.M. Blanc Hunter head and life support pack. Going with Blanc Hunter's already obvious "gas mask Germanic" look, I scrounged around for some German WW2 gear. The coat is an unusual piece that I think might've been used by mountain troops and the rifle is the Mkb 42(H), a rare predecessor to the more famous Stg 44. He also has an ammo pouch from the Stg 44 which uses the same ammo and magazines as the Mkb 42 series, a couple of stick grenades and a K98 bayonet. There's a modern style pistol belt and a hard to see "Nordic" thermal shirt under his coat while everything else is 3A. I have the other two N.O.M. guys from this particular series, so I wanted this guy to be a bit different. Honestly, Blanc Hunter wasn't as interesting to me as the other two, so I'm happier with my kitbash than the stock version. I probably could weather the historical parts to match the 3A parts but I'm lazy and it would take away from the idea of a quick, enjoyable 'bash put together one Saturday afternoon a while back. I should note that, although he has some historical German gear, he isn't affiliated with any sort of National Socialist/Fascist/Totalitarian ideology. I hope you like him!

Jaegers gonna jaegen! Dig those skater shoes, BTW.

A better shot of the three cell ammo pouch (from BBI). There are additional magazines for his rifle in there but you'll have to take my word for it. I'm not going to open the damn thing and try to re-close it!

The back looks kind of bare but I wasn't sure what else to add.

Closeup of the life support pack with added bayonet and stick grenades.

A face only a mother could love!


  1. Well GT he's definitely sci-fi/retro/dieselpunk, either that or he's got a really bad runny nose! LOL!

    1. I hadn't thought about a runny nose! HAHA.... The late summer/early fall pollen has been bad here this year, so this is the level of gear you'd need to protect yourself.

  2. That mask is really well done. The paint job looks really realistic. I wouldn't exactly know how a real one looks since army gear isn't my specialty, but from a layman's perspective it looks fantastic. I really like just the whole distressed look in general.The figures you collect are really cool. By the way not to be "that guy" but I just added a new post to my blog. I feel a bit ashamed to self promote, but I figured that I post on there so little that an update might be something of note. No photos, but just some rambling. I don't know how well I organized my thoughts but I guess I just wanted to get theme out of my system somehow. Plus, the topic seemed relevant to a doll blog, so I figured to put it there. I really do enjoy seeing these types of figures, though I myself have no place collecting them since I don't know the ins and outs of the historical backgrounds and I don't think I'd be appreciating them to their full because of my relative ignorance.

    1. Lisa, I don't mind if if you mention your latest blog post. I *thought* I had you linked in my "Blogs I Read" list but it looks like my last update to that list didn't work.

      As far as history goes, while I'm actually a history buff, much of my stuff is made up to some degree or the other. Some of my fictional countries are pretty thinly veiled proxies of the real thing (Rodina, for example) but nobody can legitimately claim that I got something wrong!