Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The best laid plans....

OK, so I had one of those "end of the year round-up" post all planned out but it didn't happen. To be honest, 2010 was not a big year of acquisitions and "hot new items" for me. I have to admit that it's actually been a few years since I seriously tried to stay on top of what's hot in my various hobbies. In the 1/6 scale action figure hobby, I've pretty much settled in to the figures I like to use and they are rarely the most desirable "must have items". Therein lies the problem; how do you do a "year in review" when you haven't bought anything current or followed any trends?

Instead, I had planned to focus on projects I had worked on but there too, I had trouble thinking of anything much to say. Not that I didn't have anything to show for 2010 but it just wasn't interesting. Part of my decision to re-tool my blogs and open RoG is to hopefully better focus this year and in the future. We'll see how that goes, although I'll admit I'm already off to a less than amazing start.

And hey, maybe if I happen to have an "extra" $300 lying around (HA!), I'll buy one of those 3A-Ashley Wood robots this year! (HA! x2)

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