Saturday, January 29, 2011

So, there I was....

I was all ready to write my next blog entry about how I had been dealing with a bit of hobby burn out when, fueled by a dose of Benadryl and a lot of sleep, I woke up early this morning and started perusing eBay. I found something I'd been wanting for quite a while at reasonable price with a BIN. I also made a quick visit to pick up a few items at Monkey Depot, one of my favorite on-line retailers of 1/6 scale action figures and loose accessories.

Hopefully I'll have some shiny new photos to post later in the week. Maybe I'll also have some new things to post at my other blog, Call Sign: Wyvern, since that's what the stuff from MD is supposed to be for. While the blogs are quiet, there is work going on behind the scenes. I just don't feel it's ready to post yet. My military squad project for CS: W is still lacking some pieces and I'd really like to wait for the up-coming flood of M249/Mk. 46 light machine guns hit the market to finish my SAW gunner (or gunners).

Anyway, stay tuned and hopefully things will get a little more lively around here in the near future.

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