Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chancellor Stahl's alternate uniform

I mentioned this in my previous post but here's a photo of Alrich Stahl in another alternate uniform. This is pretty much the same as the blue-green tunic version I posted earlier but with a new field gray officer's style tunic. I like the hat but there's yet another version of Erwin Rommel on the way from DiD that will have green cap with the same gold trim. IF anyone parts that out and it's sold at a somewhat reasonable price, I'd like to buy one as an alternate to the blue-green cap.

For this version of Chancellor Stahl, the boots are from Dragon as are the trousers- an early production item that has neither belt loops nor buttons for suspenders but does have cinch belt at the back of the waist. The hat is a DiD field marshal item with the iron eagle removed and a plastic self adhesive star stuck to the cockade. The tunic came from a company called Figures Home and looks like a mid-production era Dragon item. It's fairly unadorned aside from the iron cross ribbon and a poorly printed iron eagle insignia above the right breast pocket. The iron eagle was removed by burnishing a piece of Scotch-brand clear tape over it few times and quickly pulling it off. I always try to remove any overt nazi symbols because while Caelia is militaristic and totalitarian, they are not nazi. The use of German-style uniforms and a sort of "Anglo-Germanic" language is considered more an homage to Caelia's Dutch-Prussian-Germanic ancestry, and to take back their cultural heritage from its dark past. This is much the same reasoning as their former Cold War ally East Germany once used. I hope to get more in to the background of Caelia in future post but for now, the Propaganda Ministry uh, I mean the Office of Public Information hope that you will enjoy this image of our Dear Leader, Chancellor Alrich Stahl!

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