Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Peeking out from under my rock.

Yes, I'm still here! December and January proved to be a wild and raucous ride through life. As you might have guessed from my previous post, the Mrs. and I discovered that we're adding a little Geektopian to the republic later this year. We also lost some family members and I've been dealing with some mysterious health issue. So yeah....

Hobby plans for 2012 have been scaled back considerably but I've recently taken advantage of a lull in the "fun" of recent life to tweak my Caelian project just a bit. I still need to find some misplaced items to finish the minions project shown here earlier and "Dear Leader" Stahl has a new tunic that's a little more "every day" than the blue-green item seen previously.

I've also just about decided to reformat my blogging and possibly keep only this one active. I'm not really happy with Google and I'm definitely not pleased with Wordpress. I'll probably close my old, mostly unused LJ account and at least my one largely abandoned Blogger account. Claire's Big World is on indefinite hiatus and may close later this year. As much as I like the character, I've never been happy with her blog. I doubt I'll have the time to do much with it in the foreseeable future, so it may not be around much longer. I MAY try my hand at a "life and family" blog some time later but we'll have to see how that goes.

If all this sounds rather dour or even dire, then I must apologize because it really isn't meant to be. I am simply readjusting my priorities to reflect the ebb and flow of my life. RoG isn't currently slated to go away but it will likely become my primary "voice" on the internet for a while.

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