Monday, June 30, 2014

Adventure? In the Back Yard?

The Adventurers Club Challenge for June is Your Own Backyard. Since the local Adventures Club often goes exploring in the wild lands of Backyardia, you would think finding adventure in the back yard would be no problem.

Well, then again....

                             Mio: "So, find adventure in the back yard, huh?" 

         "How about finding my way out of these weeds? Is that adventurous enough?"

Poor girl... with blazing heat, daily rain storms and little time for yard maintenance (not to mention anything fun), the yard is starting to look really flipping awful uh, a little over-grown. Maybe you'll have better luck on your next adventure, Mio!

Lagniappe (or omake, if you prefer). This shows how humid is was outside. Every time I got my camera too close to the ground, the lens would steam up.


  1. Hey I'd exchange the humidity, for all this rain and icy winds we've had this week any day. Great photos! :)

    1. Admittedly, I don't miss the cold weather but it has been pretty brutal here lately.