Monday, July 7, 2014

More from the archives.

Once again, it's time to fuel up the DeLorean's Mr. Fusion, make sure the Flux Capacitor is, uh... fluxing and with the necessary 1.21 gigawatts charging the system, step on the accelerator and hit 88 miles per hour.

In other words, I haven't had time to create new content so you get recycled photos from the past. ;)

Claire is another of my Obitsu "muses" who, for a time, was the official voice of the doll/action figure crew here in Geektopia. She even had her own first-person blog for a while but things kind of puttered out around the time we discovered my wife was pregnant with our son. There was some other stuff going on in real life that took the wind out of my sails and I eventually decided to concentrate on just one blog. Writing first-person, in-character proved to be grinding when I wasn't in a creative frame of mind although I might try it again someday. Meanwhile, here are a few photos from "back in the day".

For those who are curious, Claire is made from an Obitsu SB-2 (large bust) 27cm body and a W-02 pre-painted head. She sometimes seen using various 27cm option hands, which don't come with these bodies unlike 21-23 and 25cm sizes.

There are some photos in the archives where she's using a large bust 25cm body but none of those are in this photo set.

In the last photo, she's posing with a couple of GI Joes who were regular characters in the back story I had created for her.

I'm not sure about this but I think Claire may have to make a new appearance here in the near future. Perhaps in an Adventurers Club photo shoot? We'll see!


  1. Hehehe, that last picture cracks me up.

    1. And now you see why the ladies like it here at Chez Geektopia! ;)

  2. I must agree with Heather, I loved the last photo. With the glaring look the GI in the beret is are giving the other GI, I wondered if he wasn't thinking "Take your arm off her, otherwise I'll punch you one!". LOL!


    1. My idea at the time was that BOTH guys were meant to look a bit annoyed. I wanted to convey that they're both thinking "do we have to do this NOW?" Claire was a bit of a fangirl who struggled to be viewed as a serious journalist. The guys like her but in an "annoying little sister" sort of way. Had I continued with her story, I wanted to show her tougher, more serious nature coming through. Alas, it didn't quite pan out that way!