Friday, January 9, 2015

Favorite Photos of 2014

Inspired by a recent post at iHime's Den, I decided to dig through my photo archive and find my three favorites of 2014.

Meg's snow day-
While there are other photos in this shoot that actually show Meg walking in the snow, I really like this close-up of her face. Just wish I'd gotten her face more in focus instead of her jacket. Snow days don't come around here very often so I always try to get some photos when they do. Meg is an Obitsu 27 cm doll, BTW.

In Memorium-
A bit of sad serendipity with this image as it was taken during the US Memorial Day weekend but was also posted to honor Don Levine, the man credited as the father of GI Joe for his efforts leading the design and development team at Hasbro in 1963. Mr. Levine had passed away shortly before this was taken and I thought it made a nice tribute to have two vintage style Joes in the photo. They aren't actual 1960s Joes but 40th Anniversary reproductions, since that's what I have.

Mio in the yard-
It's a bit hard to pick a favorite Pure Neemo girl but for me, Mio may have to be the one. I had wanted a Mia for several years and was thrilled when I finally bought one last year. Then older sister Mio was introduced and I was immediately charmed! This is from the first photo shoot I did with her and I like it because everything just seems "in balance" somehow. It really shows her to good advantage and my camera karma was working that day, in spite of high heat and humidity so bad, it fogged the lens. My favorite shot of my favorite PN girl? I think maybe so!


  1. Ooooh, what a great idea! I need to try this too!

    1. You should do this, Heather! I'd love to see what you pick.

  2. I'm really happy you did it, I love the photos! They show such a diversity of emotion: Meg seems a bit tense (maybe she doesn't like cold?), Joes pull a heartstring, and Mio is so sunny I can't help but smile. Cheers!

    1. It's odd but several people over the years have commented that Meg seems more serious than other copies of this same head. Of course, she's lived in the southern US her whole life so she probably doesn't like cold weather. Glad you liked these and thanks for the inspiration!