Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Defender Of The Glorious Revolution!

Hello, and welcome to the all new 2016 version of Republic Of Geektopia! Oh wait, it's looks like it'll be more of the same, lame old crap. Never mind!

This month's Photoblog post is another Let's Joe! entry. The subject is the recently released collaboration between customizer Mark Cole and Cotswold Collectibles of a Cold War era Soviet paratrooper. This particular set owes a lot to the original 1980s movie Red Dawn in that the uniform is based on the impressionistic, fictional camouflage from that film. To the basic uniform set, I added some Soviet/Russian equipment from my spares, including an ammo pouch and gas mask bag from DAM Toys, a canteen from KGB Hobby and a bayonet from Armoury. Mark sewed the uniform and beret while Cotswold provided the belt (including a vintage die-cast Action Man buckle), t-shirt, boots, rifle, pistol and holster. I added a Cotswold "Carl" that I already had in my collection and there you have it! While not 100% authentic, I had a lot fun putting this guy together and I hope you'll like him too!


  1. Well GT you have a very dry sense of humour. LOL! I'm glad you are continuing with your soldier boys, though sometimes I don't understand all the GI terms.
    Happy New Year, keep on soldiering on.

    1. Dry humor…that sounds nicer than "snarky smartass", so I'll accept that! ;D

      I'll keep churning out the monthly photoblog at least through the first half of this year but I hope to add some more Pure Neemo girls and assorted other subjects too. And please feel free to ask if you want an explanation or clarification of anything I post here. Thanks again for sticking with me!

  2. ...not a big fan of Soviet-related stuff as you might guess because I'm Finnish and we have a bit of an issue with that. ;) But this figure is cool, paratroopers are supercool and I love his grumpy expression.

    I have a tag for you in my blog! :) If you have time to answer the questions it'd be fun to read the answers! Don't worry about linking other blogs and the whatnot if you're not feeling like it though!

    1. Spica, I'm definitely NOT a fan of Soviet behavior or ideology but at the same time, I've had a fascination with Soviet, Eastern European and various client state militaries since back when the Cold War was still active. Understandably, people who've been on the receiving end of Soviet-style "glorious people's liberation" are going feel a bit more, uh…conflicted(?) on the subject. Finland's conflict and post-war relationship with the USSR could fill a book (and probably has) without gaining a full understanding of what was going on. What I'm really trying to say here is that coffee is no substitute for sleep and none of this really makes any sense! LOL

      I will TRY to answer the questions in your tag but it might take a few days.