Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3a Родина! -Photoblog March 2016

OK, I hadn't planned on another Russian/Soviet soldier so soon but this one is sci-fi/dieselpunk/alternate history and one of my grail figures See Here, so I'll make an exception.

Anastasia is a character from the comic/game series Dust. Basically, the series is set in an alternate timeline where WW II continues with super technology, zombies and super-natural elements. She's some kind of Soviet special forces soldier who, as you can see, wields an impossibly large weapon to fight against…um, whatever! I've always liked this girl because she was from an alternate WWII/dieselpunk setting and she avoids the "tactical combat hooker" that a lot of other female action figures seem to fall in to. Unfortunately, she's been made of unobtanium in recent years and on those rare occasions one did turn up, they were usually quite expensive. When I saw this girl at a favorite e-tailer of mine for around $40 USD, I couldn't pass her up! I should also mention that she's 1/6 scale and from Armoury/Twisting Toyz (both logos are on the box). On with the photos….

The now-obligatory in the box photos. Next, a larger than usual number of (not) super-exciting outdoor shots.

My typical four-view pose. The uniform isn't anything like a WWII era Soviet style but it looks really cool and seems nicely detailed. OK, so the boots and big fur hat ushanka are sort of correct but again, this is supposed to be a Dieselpunk type figure so you'd expect things to be a bit different from "historically accurate".

I think her face is rather pretty in spite of being a bit cartoonish. I doubt real Soviet female soldiers ever wore this amount (or any) makeup but she's a fantasy figure so…yeah.

Two shots of the Big-Ass Gun that is literally too big for her to hold and use. It's a cool looking piece of hardware but it could stand to be a bit smaller. You'll notice I switched her bare hands for the gloved versions in these shots.

Finally, all that winter gear is a bit much for 70 degree F weather (about 21 C for those of you in the rest of the world) so Ana has taken off her hat and opened her coat. Speaking of big guns…! You're not seeing things, she really does have purple hair. I would have tried for some more shots but at this point, my 2-year-old daughter is trying to "help" by moving my tripod and my 3-year-old son decided to headbutt me in the ass then tell my to stop taking pictures of my stupid GI Joe! End of photo shoot!

Until next time…. Adios!


  1. Hi GT!
    At first glance I would never had known she had those headlights hidden underneath that jacket! LOL! Purple hair and dark red lippy? Some people have really vivid imaginations don't they? She's interesting, but I think she would have grabbed me more had she been more like the illustration on the box.

    Good to see the kids keeping you in line. :)

    1. I had not unfastened her jacket until right before the last photo was taken so that "Whoa, boobs!" moment was a bit unexpected! I suspect the lack of fidelity to the box art could be chalked up to limits of production technology at the time (~early 2000s). They *did* manage to improve a bit over an earlier release of her friend, Koshka. Still, I can imagine an update of these characters today would come closer to the art work, although also costing 3-4 times the original price!
      Keeping Daddy in line is a tough job but my little monsters...uh, DARLINGS are more than up to the task!😄

  2. She's fantastic! I love the purple hair and her face mold!

    I also love how your kids are "helping" you XD

    1. Glad you like her, Heather! I was pretty happy to find her after searching for the last few years.

      Yeah, about that "help" from my kids.... 🙄At least my daughter was actually trying to help!