Sunday, April 10, 2016

British Para- Photoblog April 2016

This month, we'll take a look at a modern-ish British paratrooper, better know as a Para. To be honest, while I've always found these guys a fascinating subject, I won't claim any sort of expertise on them. Nice way of say that yeah, he's probably wrong but that's just how it is! In fact, the uniform represents an earlier style of the famous DPM camouflage while the load bearing gear is post-1995 but I thought it looked cool. As usual, I managed to lose my small stash of bayonets while working on this guy.

The basic breakdown is: Base figure is a super articulated GI Joe; uniform, boots and web gear from Dragon; beret from BBI and SA80 rifle from 21st Century Toys.

The uniform looks more like an early (~1970s) version of the DPM camo.

Close up without the rifle to show uniform and gear detail.

The famous red para beret.

SA-80 5.56x45mm rifle.

Sorry for the late update this month but as they say here on the 'net, "life got in the way"! A combination of wretched weather, having my house repainted and dealing with some plumbing issues conspired with the usual family and life obligations to delay my photo shoots until now. May's entry should be back on schedule and I'm hoping to have June's entry ready in time as well. Beyond that, I haven't decided where to go with the blog. At the once a month snail's pace I'm posting, I could basically never run out  of subjects. On the other hand, I think it's getting a bit stale. Maybe short, random entries more frequently? I dunno….


  1. Ah so you are still alive and kicking then GT. I thought you may have deserted us. Good to see the handsome chaps on display again.

    1. Yep, just late this time! If I decide to go on hiatus, I'll make sure to post an announcement.
      Meanwhile, I appreciate you sticking with me. Thanks so much!