Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Quick status update.

Just to let you all know, the June photoblog entries will be delayed until June 6 in order to coincide with the 72nd anniversary of D Day. And yes, I said entries…. I'm hoping to make it a multi-day, multi-post issue, depending on how much time I have for photo sessions.

Here's a preview I posted on Instagram recently:

Beyond this, I'm not sure what's in store for this blog. Including the year I participated in Heather's (littlebearries) Adventurers Club, I've been doing this same format for nearly 2 1/2 years and I'm thinking it might be time for a format change. I'm not sure yet what I would do differently since this works well enough for me as an old guy with young kids. It feels a little stale though and maybe a bit predictable, although predictable isn't really a bad thing for me. I had hoped to make a definite decision by now but June is here and no ideas have crept forth. Unless something brilliant occurs to me, I'll start working on ideas for at least the third quarter of 2016 and reassess things after that.


  1. Dear old guy with kids, if blogging is starting to be a chore it's time to take a break for a little while and then come back to it when you're ready. I think we sometimes get bored with ourselves and think that maybe what we are writing isn't as interesting as we'd like it to be. However, from my prospective, I find your blog most interesting as you show a different side of doll/figure collecting. I haven't been blogging as much as I used to, as I have had other things to do that had a higher priority. Whatever you decide, remember this is supposed to be fun. :)
    X Another oldie but a goody.

    1. Wise words madam! Since I wrote this entry, my wife managed to convince me to keep blogging. She even suggested the subject for the July entry! With renewed enthusiasm, I created a list of potential subjects and have started work on them. Please stay tuned!