Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dear Leader... from the archives.

Here's someone we haven't seen in quite a while; Chancellor Alrich Stahl, Dear Leader of the Caelian Democratic Republic. Digging through old photos again, I ran across this image that I'd never posted of the beloved Chancellor.

I don't remember owning this uniform but obviously I do, in fact, own it. I like how the hat is just a bit too big and gives him that Russian officer/ third world dictator look (a style of hat Russian soldiers derisively call a pinochetka).

I'm not really sure where Alrich fits in to things nowadays. Is he a harmless kook with delusions of grandeur or is he really the de facto dictator of some wretched totalitarian "People's Republic"? And if he's just a kook, then who is that similarly attired woman that's always by his side and who are those AK74-wielding, vaguely East German looking soldiers accompanying him on the shelf behind me?


  1. I don't have any Military figures myself... but I LOVE their accessories... I have to stay away from places like Monkey Depot, LOL!

  2. As you can see, collecting 1/6 scale military accessories can, in the wrong hands (like mine) lead to creating your own miniature dictatorship.

    For some reason, I always have to have a degree of make-believe in my doll/action figure "world". I really don't do many serious, historically accurate figures and when I do background research, it's usually with the idea of creating something fictional.