Sunday, December 1, 2013

I can quit anytime I wa... Uh, never mind!

So, while checking out Heather's Friday Azone update over at The Majokko Shop, I mention that I really like the just announced Maki from Love Live! but I'm going to give her a pass. Heather "kindly" mentions HobbyLink Japan's Black Friday Weekend sale (which includes pre-orders). I resist until this morning and then give in to temptation. Oh, and I also pre-ordered the upcoming Figma Miho Nishizumi from Girls und Panzer just to add insult to injury!

Thanks Heather! This is like holding an AA meeting in a bar!

BTW, a Pure Neemo version of Miho would be soooo freakin' cool! Heck, how about the whole Anglerfish team? And maybe Dragon Models could do a Panzer IV in 1/6 scale too, just for gits and shiggles! I guess the "H" version they used at the end of the series would be my choice.

Maki from "Love Live!"

Miho Nishizumi from "Girls und Panzer".

Team Anglerfish Panzer IV H


  1. Oh man, I know so many people who wouldn't be able to resist Neemo versions of the GIRLS und PANZER Projekt. XD I could doom quite a few people's wallets! HAHA!

    Yeah... I'm not really the best person to talk to if you're trying to *avoid* buying a Pure Neemo.

    1. When I was watching GuP earlier this year, I was sure we'd at least see Miho in PN form by now. Alas... I guess not! Of course, there's always the feature movie coming this year so maybe there's still hope to see Team Anglerfish

      On the other hand, if they marketed them like they did the girls from K-On and "pull a Ritsu" with say, Hana or Mako ('cause hey, it's not like a tank needs a gunner or driver), I would be annoyed.

      Hmmm... maybe I should post a wish list of dolls that haven't been made or aren't likely to be made. Perhaps, one day!