Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's now stuck in your head....

The Final Countdown, that is!

Tomorrow, Mrs. G and I are to become parents for the second time. Babygirl Geektopian joins Mom, Dad and (not so) Big Bro Geektopian in our little family circle. So far, everything has gone great and here's hoping and praying for a trouble-free birth. Dad's a BIT nervous even though we just did this not so long ago. *WHEW*

Meanwhile, "enjoy" getting one the most epic-cheesy songs of the 80s stuck in your head!

Kazookeylele cover:

The "never practiced" flipping awful band version:

The rather mundane original:


  1. Hahaha, so close to a new little munchkin! Good luck to Mrs. G!!! I hope Little G #1 takes having a sibling well! I know I was very disappointed. I wanted a puppy. HAHA

  2. I hope my son takes it well. He's 16 months old but you can tell that something's not quite right with him, like he understands on some fundamental level but can't really connect the dots or communicate about it. Since he's so young though, I imagine that eventually he won't entirely remember his short time as an only child but things will be interesting for a while.

    I'm the youngest in my family but I imagine that if it had come down to wanting a puppy and getting a sibling, I'd be upset too! LOL