Monday, January 27, 2014

'Bash of the Day- a GI Joe for my son.

OK, first up for 'Bash of the Day is a GI Joe inspired by my son. He grabbed this guy the other day and ran around with him so I thought "hey, why not at least dress this figure in a uniform?" to see what happens. It beats just having him lay around in a dark cabinet doing nothing and my son got a kick out of it, so I guess it worked out OK.

The figure itself is a GI Joe that I picked up in a lot purchase either on eBay or from an online vendor. I don't believe he's stock since IIRC, the head was from one of the early 2000s Joe vs. Cobra figures while the body is a Super Articulated type that wasn't used with the JvC line. The uniform and t-shirt are from Dragon and the boots are BBI. I skipped any other gear or accessories because this was just a quick bash and my son is a year and half old so no reason to put on tempting things that could go in his mouth, nose or whatever. As it is, the uniform probably has too many small bits so this is something he only plays with under close supervision and doesn't keep in his toy box.

In spite of this being really simple, I thought he looked pretty cool. His uniform has tiny insignia including Ranger tabs, Sergeant stripes on the collar (looks like he's a Sergeant First Class but it's a little hard to tell) and the name and service branch tags above the pockets, which denote the he's in the US Army and his surname is Kelley. So, in a burst of serious creativity, I'm calling him Sgt. Kelley! Anyway, enough blabbing, here are some mediocre pics.


  1. He looks great! I just bought some GI Joes hats recently for the Adventurers Club pics. Although they're a bit small for the Neemos, but I'm going to try warp one.

    My little brother was too young to get into GI Joe... So we never had any around :(

  2. Thanks! I was a child of the '70s so I had a few GI Joes in the Adventure Team era but most of mine nowadays date approximately from the mid-'90s to mid-2000s.

    I haven't had much chance yet to really experiment with non-Azone hats and clothing for PN girls but I hope to do so at some point and I will make sure to post my findings here.