Thursday, January 30, 2014

Meg's snow day- 2014 version

Back in 2008, I posted a series of photos featuring Meg, my Obitsu "muse", walking in the snow. Snow days don't come around often in my part of the US nor are they usually very impressive compared to what you see in more northern regions. (Although people in the Southern US are almost embarrassingly bad at driving in relatively small amounts of ice and snow.) Anyway, snow days provide a great opportunity to get some outdoor photography done and that, combined with Heather's newly announced Adventurer's Club over at The Majokko Shop, was all the motivation I needed to get in a mid-morning photo shoot.

Meg's attire consist of a t-shirt and purse from Dragon; sweater and jeans from Azone; jacket from OJI; boots from Obitsu and a hat made by Andrea of Dolls Ahoy! fame: Dolls Ahoy! LJ and Etsy shop.


  1. I love it! And yes... my sister (who is in NC) was sending us pics of the "business closing" snow... omg. We'd be closed all winter up here if that's all it took, haha!

    1. Fortunately, we didn't have any situations with kids stuck at school for two days but we did have a lot of wrecks and people having to abandon their cars. Nothing like Georgia and Alabama though. I recall seeing snow several times each winter when I lived in TN but aside from school closings, I don't remember seeing this level chaos.

      Anyway, I got some good photos out of it so I'll be posting them over the next week or so.