Monday, January 20, 2014

Kitbash of the Day... another dumb idea!

So, having mentioned in my previous post that photography has been almost impossible lately, I come up with another dumb idea that requires photography!

Slightly less involved than doing a photostory blog, this would be simply to take a doll or action figure, dress him or her in some kind of outfit, photograph the result and post it here with some explaination or back-story. This is something I used to do quite a bit back some years ago but it just doesn't happen as often any more. There would be no real theme other than the figure in question couldn't be completely stock from the box and ideally would be assembled specifically for the shoot or at least newly completed. Moreover, I don't think I would stay with any particular theme or limit myself to any specific dolls. It would just be whatever I was in the mood to work on at the time. Also, the project would be Kitbash of the Day not Kitbash a Day, so new figures would be posted irregularly. I can also see such a project being useful as a clearinghouse of random ideas that don't fit my "usual" themes and areas of interest. For example, I've never had a figure of a WW2 German soldier or an Old West cowboy, so those could be possible subjects, or something more off-beat like a school girl wearing a gas mask or a robot playing a guitar.

Hmmm... maybe this isn't such a dumb idea after all.


  1. I think it sounds great! Also... Do you have a smart phone? Download Instagram and you can post instantly to a tumblr account that you can then use to share images here XD (I find that even though the photos aren't as good, phone shots for sharing is better than nothing XD)

  2. I've experimented with my wife's iPhone 5 but I wasn't entirely happy with the results. I think this is more an issue of me being picky because I feel I've lost my "mojo" so to speak. A few years ago, I took photos almost every day and like any craft, practice helps hone proficiency. And honestly, I just don't practice as much anymore and I'm frustrated with my results as a consequence.

    But I'm trying to get back with the program. My photo shoot this afternoon was mostly a dud but I did get a few good shots that I'll use during the next week. My first 'Bash of the Day should be up early this week and I'm hoping to get at least one more posted, along with a photo review of a couple recent PN finds that I'm really excited about.