Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ch Ch Ch Changes….

So, here's something I've been thinking about for a while and have even written and deleted a couple of posts about. I've decided that after June 2015, I'm going to stop doing Let's Joe and Project: Obitsu as regular monthly entries. Instead, I want to return to a more open form style of blogging. I also want to focus on other figures and items in my collection aside from just Joes and Obitsus. A number of factors have contributed to this decision but a lack of time is THE major issue. I have almost no free time anymore and when I do get a break, it's usually so I can bathe or sleep. Even then, I don't get to do those things as often as I'd like! I can write occasionally by switching between my phone and laptop but these moments are brief and infrequent as well.

Another issue is that I feel the present format is getting a bit stale. I wasn't promising brilliant photography and thrilling prose but even by my low excitement threshold things are a bit boring. Deciding to focus on just Joes and Obitsus seemed like a good idea to keep me focused and on track but six months in, it feels very limiting.

What I hope to do for the rest of this year is continue photo blogging whenever possible but just opening up the subject matter to whatever strikes my interest at the time. I will continue to use Let's Joe and Project: Obitsu as tags when appropriate, just not on a twice-monthly basis. Starting in July, I will be posting other dolls/figures/toys and more written content as time allows.


  1. Hey GT whatever floats your boat. You've got to write about what makes you happy, that's what blogging is all about. I just go with the flow myself and chat about anything I feel like most of the time, if people are interested they stick around, if not they move on. :) Do what's right for you.

    1. Thanks ma'am! I feel like I've been boring my followers with this for a while and it was becoming more of a chore than an endeavor of love for me. On the other hand, my older entries tended to be long and wordy with long periods of inactivity. This was even more the case with my two previous blogs here and at Wordpress. Having something of a deadline pushes me to keep things active, so I'll see if a I can manage with a return to occasional blogging and open subject matter. I appreciate you sticking with me too, so thanks again!

    2. Sorry, that was Live Journal, not Wordpress. I have a Wordpress account but I've never done anything with it.

  2. I agree with Xanadu... and it's kind of the beauty of blogging... to enjoy something on your own level.

    I've been a bit out of it, thanks to baby... but I'm getting back in the swing of things here and I've enjoyed reading your posts while I've been off, even if I haven't commented much!

    I think blogs are evolving formats while we try to find something we feel comfortable with... there is no shame in switching things up so that they keep from feeling stale to you! If it's not fun, why do it??

    1. "If it's not fun, why do it??"
      You hit it right on the head, Heather. Toy and hobby stuff is a refuge from the dreaded "IRL" but sometime even the fun escapist stuff gets a bit confining. There are other factors, of course but the bottom line is that I'm finding it hard to devote much focus to hobbies right now. On the other hand, I can't allow myself to surrender all of my already very limited "me time", so I need to keep things in balance.
      Ooops! Gotta go kid wrangle now! ;)