Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Solstice- Project: Obitsu June 2015

As you may have read in my previous post, I've decided that this will be my last regular, monthly Project: Obitsu entry. I thought it would be nice to end this with a photo shoot dedicated to the northern hemisphere summer solstice. This month's model is Daphne and I put together a little summery outfit based on the stuff I have on hand. Yes, you've probably seen this ensemble before if you're a long-time reader but why not? Nobody else was wearing it and it looks cute while being tastefully revealing (I hope).

The top and shorts are older Azone pieces, I think from the 1/6 scale "blue label" era and not Pure Neemo. Her purse is an old Get Real Girls piece, the shoes are Barbie and the cap is a WW2 female field cap from OJI. Daphne herself is based on an Obitsu SB-2 body with a W-01 pre-painted head. I've always thought she was a real cutie but she has often been eclipsed by some of the other girls in my crew. Maybe it's time to change that and give Daphne more screen time.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and stay tuned while I resume normal blogging!

A close up of the cute little purse. Somewhere, I have a t-shirt with this same logo.

This little gal has a pretty face, so I wanted to make sure you could see it.

Cleavage…. 'Cause I'm a boob who likes boobs! LOL

Another shot of Daphne's face. I just noticed that she still has a bit of "hat hair" but it's too late to change that now!


  1. Hi GT!
    Daphne's a pretty girl alright, had a giggle about the boobs, but wasn't a bit surprised at your comment (I think most men are). At the very least, your post made me feel a little less cold, seeing Daphne enjoying all that sunshine.

    1. I would GLADLY pipe some of my 96ºF heat and 103ºF heat index to Oz if I could! This is when I miss winter the most, although early winter weather in my part of the US can often be violent and unstable. We often have a tornado season in November/December and again in February/March.

      And boobs…. Yes, I like 'em. Guilty as charged! However, I blame my decision to use Obitsu SB-2 bodies for many of my girls on the influence of a couple of female face up artists I knew back a decade or so ago. But boobs…. :D

  2. Good boobies! :'D Talking about boobs, I recently was at a Dollfie Dream meet and there was a guy who owned a soft busted DD... and it was so relaxing to... ahem, touch that doll's boobies. x'D Now I really want a soft busted Dollfie Dream~

    Daphne is so beautiful, she definitely needed some time in the limelight! Loving the outfit too, she looks sporty with a slight hint of army-look but in a girly way.

    1. Glad you like her! I have some vague recollection that Obitsu engineers were involved in the development and early manufacture of the DD but I could be wrong. The 1/6 SB series and Volks DD do seem somewhat alike and there was a court fight between the two companies some years ago which Obitsu won.

      But yeah…. BOOBS!

      Wait, what was I saying?