Monday, June 8, 2015

Let's Joe! June 2015

 Welcome to the halfway house… uh, halfway POINT in my little exercise in boring my loyal readers to tears! OK, OK, maybe it's not THAT bad but some months have been more inspired than others. Anyway, this month's Joe is named Steve (huh?) and he's my resident "some kinda special ops guy". Oh yeah, now that's a well researched explanation huh? Steve himself is a Hasbro Super Articulated Joe. He's wearing the gray/green ACU camouflage uniform which seems to be most effective on your Grandma's old couch but not in most combat situations. His gear might be more appropriate for a Navy SEAL than Army Special Forces but I thought it looked cool, so that's my excuse. His rifle is the US M4, a short variant of the long-serving M16 family, while his sidearm is the legendary, century old US M1911 .45 caliber pistol. I was going to give him a beautifully detailed HK 416 but I fiddled with the pieces for a bit, looked at the M4, which was already assembled, and decided "screw it"!  So he's going a bit old school here. I didn't even switch out his Aimpoint optics for my usual Trigicon ACOG sight. I'm happy, it looks OK and I'm too lazy to change it, so there you go! I'm starting to think this whole project is a bit like my old Operation L.A.C.K. (Lame Ass Crappy Kitbash) but with more expensive parts!

 A close up of the .45 pistol in the holster. Why didn't I take out? Heck if I know!

 A close up of his chest rig. It would probably look better with stuff in the pouches but yeah, I'm lazy!

A better shot of the M4 rifle. A bit hard to see here but the cover flaps on the Aimpoint sight are opened.

Two things that came to mind as I was finishing this post. First, I'm not sure what I did with his helmet. I posted a photo on Instagram that showed him holding it under his arm and I meant to have him wear it in few shots but I've misplaced it. Second, I completely forgot the cool looking backpack I bought for him. I know where it is, I just forgot to put in on for the shoot.

Not much else to add so, enjoy the photos and feel free to comment if you'd like!


  1. Hi GT!
    He has a very square jaw and rather a surly look about him . . . I hope Steve isn't an angry Joe. Now you explained just about everything about him, but what does he need all those pockets for?

    1. I love the style and character of the Joe sculpts from this era but most of them do look a bit stern.

      Believe it or not, most of the pockets on his vest are for ammunition! There are also a couple of large general purpose pouches, one for a radio and maybe some others I can't recall at the moment.