Tuesday, November 5, 2013

IT LIVES!!!! (for now)

Wow, this place has been "deader 'n a doornail" for quite a while!

A couple of brief updates, starting with the fact that the son whose upcoming birth I mentioned in my last post is now 15 months old and a bright, active, wonderful little guy that has totally stolen the hearts of his Mom and Dad (and just about everyone else he meets). However, very shortly, he will be joined by a little sister when our newest Geektopian is born in December. So yeah, I'll have even less time for hobbies and blogging than the little-to-no-time I've had for the past year and a half!

The "Under $50" project has continued even though I wasn't posting about it. I've actually found some pretty cool stuff that I had wanted for a long time and feel that my basic premise of being able to enjoy an increasingly expensive hobby for less money was validated. Of course, the down-side is when you see all these $120 USD+ figures that you really want.

Well, I've been weak....

It started innocently enough when I had some Christmas money and a Bandai Ryotsu Kankichi in Summer Uniform turned up on eBay. He was in great shape, had all of his parts and was well under $100 but still over $50.

Then there were the two 1/6 scale 3A N.O.M. figures. One was a birthday gift from my wife and the other was bought with birthday money.

And then the three Azone Pure Neemo girls I've managed to buy this year, the latest one arriving just today.

So yeah, I've given in to temptation.

Who knows, maybe I'll even get a chance to take and post some photos. Or not....

But I'm still around and still active in my hobbies to some degree, so I thought I'd stop in and post an update. 'Til next time- Adios!

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