Sunday, November 24, 2013

Neemos of Geektopia

I'm not going into a long explaination of what a "Neemo" is except to say that it's a cute PVC doll that's approximately 1/6 scale from a line called Pure Neemo produced by Azone. The bodies are sold in four sizes and the complete dolls reflect the cute/girlish moe style found in anime and manga.

I've had an interest in these dolls since they first came out but finances and other hobby interests meant that I had never bought any until earlier this year. OK, enough with the background, let's meet the girls!

First up is Maya- Cherry Pie from the Sweets ala Mode series. All the girls so far released in this series are dressed in sort of cafe maid/elegant goth lolita style and are themed around desserts. While the outfit is cute, what really attracted me to this girl was her darling face with bright green eyes and dark, red-brown hair. She has the newer Flection M body, with improved range of movement in the shoulders and hips. Since these photos were taken, she's been playing fit model for some of the other clothes I have around here. The weather's been cold and crappy here recently, so I haven't had a chance to take any more photos outdoors and my indoor photos are rather bad right now.


  1. I loooove this gal and her outfit, I'm kind of regretting not getting her... but I was focused... focused I tell you! I had to get her pink version. No regrets!!! LOL.

    Do you have more Neemo gals that you're planning on?

    1. Hey! In addition to Maya and Lycee, there's also Asuna/Titania from Sword Art Online and the first edition of Minami-sensei. I was soooo tempted to get the second Minami-sensei because she reminds me of an anime-manga version of my wife (who is also named Heather, BTW). With Baby Geektopian #2 due to arrive shortly though, I'm trying to be responsible with the finances. (TRYING, he says! lol)

      Of course, my "grail" for now is Kanata Sorami but just not at the "collector prices" I occasionally see them selling for.