Thursday, November 28, 2013

From the history files....

Digging back through my old photos, I decided to post a few that haven't been seen in a while.
Today's subject is Meg, an Obitsu 27 cm doll. For those who care about technical stuff, she's a pre-finished W-01 head and a "fleshtone" SB-2 (large bust) body, although I think the first photo shows her with an SB-3 (medium bust) body.

Meg wasn't my first Obitsu girl but she was the first I bought from The Junky Spot after an extended hiatus from the hobby. She was my main protagonist for a few years before I decided I'd "done it to death" and went on to find another character. IF I decide to resurrect a doll POV blog however, Meg would be a likely candidate to be the primary character. Meanwhile, enjoy some photo-spam from "back in the day".

Photo 1: Uniform from Dragon's "Winona" (boots, pants, shirt, t-shirt); BBI body armor (LAPD Officer Somers); 21st Century Toys SWAT cap.

Photo 2: Barbie hat and scarf; Get Real Girl hoodie and shoulder bag; Dragon t-shirt (I think); Azone jeans; Obitsu "Chuck T" style cream colored high tops.

Photo 3: Get Real Girl pullover hoodie; Dragon t-shirt and shoulder bag; BBI glasses; Parabox skirt; Obitsu Chuck Ts (again).

Photo 4: Dragon female pants, brown t-shirt, boots and load bearing vest, rifle and male-sized field cap; OJI jacket; BBI goggles, trouser belt and sidearm; 21st Century holster.

Photo 5: Azone top and shorts, Barbie white sandals.

Photo 6: Azone top, skirt and leggings; Dragon shoulder bag and t-shirt (same as photo 3); Obitsu black engineer boots.

The Dragon t-shirt mentioned is a white, boatneck-style piece from Dragon's Winona. The brown t-shirt in photo 4 is a military style that came with various Dragon second generation female modern US figures. The shoulder bag in photos 3 and 6 came from Dragon's first Danger Girl figure and has a variety of small items like a (now out of date) cell phone and a Glock 9mm pistol. Maybe she needs a tiny concealed carry permit, too?


  1. She's a cutie! I love all her clothes... where are they from?

    1. Hey Heather, I updated the text with a breakdown of the clothes and accessories I used in each photo. It's funny because a frequent gripe of mine is the lack of clothes for this type of body and yet, in retrospect, I managed to piece together a number of nice outfits.

      Glad you think she's a cutie. I was always rather fond of her myself.

    2. Ah Azone, they own me when it comes to clothes in this scale!

      As a complete side note... I added a button for your blog in my sidebar... if you have a button somewhere, let me know and I'll use that instead... but I wanted to share your blog!