Monday, November 25, 2013

Neemos of Geektopia pt. 2

Next up in the Geektopian Pure Neemo crew is Lycee. This particular little lady is the Lycee Progression figure that was released back in 2011. I have always really like this girl but I didn't buy her back when she was released due to other financial priorities. I had been searching around for her this past year or so and thanks to a great lead from my pal Iwa Hoshi over at Team Of Dolls, I managed to find one for a pretty decent price. I like Lycee's kind of retro military-vaguely dieselpunk look which is less obvious here since she isn't wearing her garrison cap. I'm hoping to switch out her body for the improved Pure Neemo M like Maya, the girl in my previous post, has.

Sorry again for the mediocre photos. It's been cold and cloudy here, which is actually not bad for outdoor pics. However, just about the time I got a break to go outside, it started raining. Blah....


  1. I LOVE this Lycee, I have her too and she's just the cutest! She's the gal I take with me Geo-caching when I go!!!

    And those red boots are surprisingly versatile!

  2. She's adorable and the little red boots are just too cool. This is the PN that had really stayed on my mind the last couple of years. I decided not to pre-order her because she was announced at around the same time my wife and I decided to try for Baby #1. Just as well since the money was used to travel back to our home town for Christmas that year to visit an ill relative for what turned out to be the last time... and then to travel BACK for the funeral.

    Sorry for the downer part of that story.

    Anyway, flash forward two years later and I've still been thinking about this Lycee. Iwa points me to Mandarake and even posts a link with the search already plugged in. And guess what doll is first item of the first page of the search?