Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oh NOES!!! Caelians in the yard!!!

While the back yard slumbers beneath a blanket of snow and ice, members of the Caelian National Defense Force are seen patrolling near the southwest corner. This is a clear violation of the sovereign territory of the back yard and raises concerns that the Caelians may be looking to launch a "pre-emptive  counter-attack in self defense" to "liberate and secure the back yard in the name of The People for The Greater Good"... or something like that!

Anyway, this is another set from my recent snow day photo session. The Caelian National Defense Force is my fictional military, based on the armies of Eastern Europe during the Cold War era with a particular nod to the East German Nationale Volksarmee. Long time reader(s) may recall seeing one of these guys here before, back in late 2011- Minions, pt. Dos, although I've made a few changes to them since then. The big difference with this guy is the reversible winter coat which has camo on one side and white on the other.  I also dumped the "Chi-Com" style chest rig in favor of a belt with a four-magazine ammo pouch, which is much more typical of Soviet and Eastern European armies. When or if I get the whole squad together for a group photo session, I'll discuss and show this stuff in much more detail.


  1. Wow!! His hands are awesome!! I'm interested in learning more about this "People for the Greater Good" story too XD

  2. Hey Heather, sorry for the late reply!

    The hands are the GI Joe "Gung Ho Grip" (not to be confused with the more famous Kung Fu Grip) that Habro started putting on figures back in the early 2000s. This guy was a German officer from the last Indiana Jones line they did but he's actually a GI Joe that was just repurposed as a foe for Indy.

    Once upon a time, I had a blog set up to tell the story of the Caelian Democratic Republic but a number of life upheavals diverted my attention from it and I never got back to doing anything with it. In fact, I just shut down the account late last year. I hope to post more about this back-story here but finishing blog posts is a bit challenging at the moment. I also haven't decided how or if this ties to the much more nebulous back-story I've been hashing out for my Neemo crew.