Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to the Goon Squad?

In the days before he was the de facto Dear Leader of the Caelian Democratic Republic, Alrich Stahl was the officer in charge of my old goon squad, the Generic Evil Minions (GEMs). Befitting such a position, then-Capt. Stahl wore a black uniform that exudes an aura of smug, nasty authoritarianism and he wore it quite well I think. Recently, I've been getting bored with Stahl in his Dear Leader role and I've been playing around with ideas for a reconstituted goon squad. Who knows when that will happen but in the mean time, I dug up some photos of Alrich back in his GEM days. I was happy enough with this look that I would re-dress him more or less exactly the same way. BTW, there's not one WW2 German item on this figure. It's mostly a combination of modern law enforcement and WW2 Soviet stuff.


  1. GEM... priceless... I like the idea!! And yeah, his outfit doesn't look German... I was glad to see there was Soviet stuff mixed in, because that's what I thought when I saw it XD

    I'm enjoying these little snippets of old story, I'll be interested to see how you rework it.

    You know... it would be totally awesome if you did a storyline with your son... Maybe you each have some characters, or maybe you document his crazy storyline... I think it would make some pretty interesting story telling though XD (I'm actually not quite sure what age he is (although you've probably said) maybe this is an idea for a few years down the road, LOL)

  2. I hope that one day, I'll be able to chronicle some of the stuff my kids come up with. It'll be a little while yet since my son is 19 months old and my daughter is almost 3 months.

    I'll be interested to see where my story ideas go too since I'm not really sure myself. LOL!