Friday, February 28, 2014

Commissar-General Seraya

Alrighty then, here's the last of the photos from my January 2014 snow day photo shoot. Commissar-General Seraya Reichhart has been my chief bad guy girl/ antagonist since back around 2006, although she went through a couple of previous iterations before arriving at the appearance you see now.

Seraya herself is an Obitsu standard hard torso body with a very Obitsu-like pre-painted head I bought on eBay several years ago. At the time, I call this head and some others I bought "HK mystery heads" because they were sold through a few Hong Kong based eBay vendors but had no brand attached to them. She's wearing a WW2 German female cut Luftwaffe uniform from In The Past Toys and her hat is from DiD with new insignia from some self-adhesive scrapbook bits. She also has a white Azone dress shirt and marching boots from one of Dragon's Soviet female solders.


  1. Ooooh! We need to see some stories with her in them!!!

    1. I really should do more with her. She's standing on the bookshelf behind me with several members of her goon squad surrounding her. They look cool but it's kind of sad that they don't actually get to go out and cause any mischief. Maybe some day.... :(