Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Erena- Mission 2

As many long-time readers have noticed, I'm a fan of Obitsu 1/6 scale dolls. Long time Azone fans will also recall that there was a period during he last decade that Azone did 1/6 hybrid dolls using Obitsu bodies. There are some truly amazing (and often expensive) dolls from that era but among my most favorite are the two Erena dolls from 2004 and 2005, especially the "Mission 2" version. In fact, Mission 2 almost made my 2014 Want List I posted HERE.

Briefly, Erena was Azone's foray in to the "action girl" genre, similar in concept to BBI/Takara's CyGirl/Cool Girl line. While most of the other Azone/Obitsu hybrids were based on licensed media property characters or a real person in one case, Erena was (as far as I know) an original character. I guess Erena is some kind of Hollywood-style "butt kicking machine" and possibly a cyborg, since there's a nice brochure included in the box that seems to explain it all. Alas, I don't read Japanese (GASP! What kind of Otaku am I?) so I don't know all the details.

At any rate, I recently happened upon a boxed Erena- Mission 2 for a pretty reasonable price and I just had to buy her. While I certainly wouldn't mind owning Mission 1, this is the version I most wanted. Especially funny to me is that she not only comes in her de rigueur action girl tube top, leather mini skirt and tall boots but she also has a full disguise as a cleaning lady, complete with a toilet plunger! You know at least a bad guy or two is going to get owned by said plunger. Of course, there also the regulation action girl BAP- Big Ass Pistol- for taking out foes in a more conventional manner. No idea if it comes with the bottomless magazine or if she actually has to reload. Also, no info on whether it can shoot down airplanes and helicopters, blow up cars and shoot escape holes through walls, floors and roofs.

I hope to get some better photos of her in the near future (these were taken during a brief lull while my kids were both napping) but these will have to do for now.


  1. Congratulations on your great find, it's always rewarding to add a little grail to ones collection. :)

    1. Thanks and I agree about the satisfaction of finding grail dolls. I have a few I've found this year and really need to get them photographed and posted. For some reason though, all the photo sessions I've done with my Azone K-On Yui and Mio have turned out to be absolute dreck.

  2. Oooh, she looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to see her test out her weaponry as well!

    I keep seeing these older Azone gals pop up, and I'd love to see someone put one in action! I feel like you've got a really epic cast going on here. Time for battles!

    Have you ever seen Marwencol?

    1. Heather, I just bought some uniforms off eBay for the Goon Squad so I'm hoping to have them pieced together in the next month or so. I would *LOVE* to do a full photo story but well, I don't know when I'd do it. But yeah some n'er do well will definitely have to "taste plunger" at some point.

      I used to be a regular at the Ultimate Soldier Unofficial Fan Page and that's where Mark started posting his Marwencol stories some years ago. I've been a fan of his from pretty early on and the back-story is both fascinating and heart wrenching. Mark's an interesting dude. About five years ago, there was a brief segment of a show on cable devoted to his story that just had me in tears the first time I watched it, even though I knew the story. A few years later, there was also a feature-length documentary. I rented it from Netflix and again, even though I knew the story, it was quite interesting.

      I'm not sure if I would ever build my own 1/6 scale town but I have to admit that Marwencol has inspired me to daydream about it.