Sunday, April 20, 2014

From The Mists Of Distant Time

OK, not really THAT distant but....

I've been going through some files on the home desktop and re-reading old blog posts I had saved from back in the day. The Republic of Geektopia dates back to late 2010 but there were earlier versions, first on Live Journal then Blogger that date back several years before that. I have done this previously here but I thought I would again share some old posts from the days before RoG existed in its present form. When I re-post these older pieces, I'll try to label them with an "Archives" tag, the date of the original post and maybe place them in a quote format. That last part will have to be an experiment since some of  my old posts could be quite "wordy" and I don't want to make them more difficult to read.

To test this out, here's a snippet of a post from December 18, 2010, shortly before I started this blog.
My dilemma over Azone's Pure Neemo line continues. They really are cute but kind of expensive and the licensed characters are even more costly. Kanata from Sora No Woto and Mio and Yui from K-On are at the top of my "want list" but I don't know that I could afford them all. Even getting together the money for one seems daunting.

BTW, I finally got Mio and Yui earlier this year but Kanata has still eluded me.

UPDATE: I think I have the issue with the quoted text size fixed!


  1. Sometimes travelling back in time can be good for the soul, especially when you have achieved the goals you had back then...which you have. :) But on the appearance of the quoted posts, perhaps a different colour might be the go, rather than the smaller typeface, which for people who wear specs like me, may find it difficult to read.

  2. I've got to agree, the text in the quote is way to small. I need to play with the format some more before I repost anything else.

  3. I do enjoy the blast from the past though, and I now know to keep an eye open for Kanata for you XD (reasonable Kanata) haha!

    When I look back at some of my old posts I think, "OMG, what was I thinking"... but then other times I think, "I should really reinstate that feature"... so I think it's not a bad thing. This reminds me that ages ago I had a livejournal... LOL... it would be terrifying, probably, to go reread that!

    1. I think I'm glad I didn't archive my LJ blog. I recall it was a bit ummm... grumpy. I also had an LJ that was an "in character" blog for Meg, the 1/6 Obitsu doll I've shown here a few times. That one actually stayed around for a while but I never posted much, so there was no reason to archive it.

      My previous blog here at Blogger was very much in the nature of this one but with some stuff related to the "Magnum Opus" back-story I was working on at the time. I decided to divide them in to separate blogs with RoG becoming the general hobby blog and the older blog becoming the back-story blog. The revise version of the old blog languished for several years with only an intro post before it was mercifully put to rest late last year.

      I appreciate the offer to help locate the PN Kanata. There's a long story about how I kept missing her back when she was available at retail but I won't bore anyone with that. I know Mandarake had a few in the past year for between ¥8000- ¥9000, so I'm hopeful I can find one for ¥10,000 or less. Lately though, she's been made of Unobtainium and probably hiding with those elusive Azone camouflage pants I mentioned in my 2014 Want List post a while back.

    2. Well, if I see her for ¥10,000 or less, I'll pass it on. XD

      Yeah, I'm not even sure how to sign into my livejournal anymore, but it's still out there for the world to read XD