Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Adventurer's Club- April 2014

This month's Adventurer's Club theme is Exotic Animal and we find Lycee engaged in a debate with her subject. She insist he's a blue dragon but he disagrees.

Lycee: Seriously, a Mediterranean House Gekko? Man, you're a Dragon!

No way! Dragons are fantasy creatures and I'm just a common, ordinary lizard.

Lycee: Dude, this is unreal! I've spent a month studying every reptile in this area and you are a DRAGON! Not a Gekko! Gekkos aren't blue, they aren't big, they don't have wings and they can't speak!

I can't believe you think I'll fall for that "I'm just a Gekko" line. I know a blue horned Dragon when I see one and you're it!

Hey sorry lady, I'm no doctor of reptilolgy or whatever! Besides, I'm pretty sure I said Blue Skink and not Gekko... yeah, just a common winged, horned, talking Blue Skink. Not just talking but fully sentient. Or is it sapient? I always get those confused. 


  1. Oh I love your entry this month, it's such a wonderful blue dragon and the story is very amusing (says she, grinning from ear to ear), I love dragons!

    1. Thanks so much! Dragons seem to figure in to my life in various ways, so I guess that means I like 'em. Heck, the old version of this blog was even named Call Sign: Wyvern.

      I have to thank my son for the loan of his dragon. It came in handy when I needed an exotic creature and he didn't seem to mind that I had it for a couple of days.

  2. Hahaha! I love this spin on Exotic Animal (and how said exotic animal insists he is, in fact, NOT exotic, or at least, not as extremely exotic as he might actually be). I wish we had some lizards around here like him. :)

    1. My only concern would be if he got hiccups during fire season! LOL

      Apparently, the home range of the (NOT) Blue Horned Flying Dragon is the area around the Kingdom of Backyardia and the Republic of Frontyardistan. Oh, and apparently Louisiana too! ;)