Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Edelweiss??? Holy crap!

I may have let out a small, geeky squeal when I saw this at HobbyLink Japan today:

Holy cow! A 1/35 scale injection molded (as opposed to cast resin) model kit of Edelweiss from Valkyrie Chronicles! Even more interesting is that it's from Volks and retails for about ¥5000. While I had trouble staying with the anime series (and never played the game), the tanks from Valkyrie are some of my favorite fictional designs. (Yes, I see all the design flaws but I still like this one.) I'm really tempted to pre-order this but I'm trying to cut back on hobby-related expenditures for the rest of the year. I'll ponder that but in the mean time, I'll just marvel at how cool and totally unexpected this release is.


  1. Did you buy anything from the hlj sale?

  2. No.... I meant to look it over yesterday but I never got back to it.

    I may go in to this on the blog but we're having a major crisis that has really sucked the joy out of things.

  3. Wow! Looks so cool and amazingly detailed! *3* So is this the kind you have to put together and paint yourself? Maybe I should get into model kits too, it sounds like a whole new world.

    1. Yes, it appears to be a standard plastic model kit that you build and paint. From some other photos I've seen on the 'net, it seems to have a full interior and engine compartment.

      Model kits are a whole addiction and a money sink, so be careful if you get in to them. I wish I actually had the time to build some of the massive stash I've accumulated.

    2. That's what i am afraid of all stash and none built.