Friday, May 23, 2014

Something Scary.... Under The House? -May 2014 Adventurers Club-

I have to admit that I rarely crawl around under my house even after living here for ten years. Is it really that scary and what could possibly be lurking in these hidden spaces? Let's see what Mia, our intrepid Adventurers Club member, thinks about this.

We catch up to Mia as she hikes near a building at the edge of the woods.
                      Mia: Man, this heat is already intense! Good thing this trail is well shaded.

      Hey, that's odd. I'm sure that access hatch was closed when I came by here earlier.

Gotta admit, this place gives me the creeps just a bit. I should check it out though, just in case something is amiss.

Allez Oop!
Hey, is anybody there? Degas, is that you? Who's there?

*thinking*(Was that somebody moving? It's too dark to be sure.... Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.)

OK, that's IT! That place is just too damn dark and scary for me. If somebody's lurking in there, maybe it's better if I don't meet them face to face.

A short time later:
Creepy Clown: Oh silly me, did I leave that door open again? Too bad the little blonde girl didn't stay. Perhaps I could've had her for lunch! hehehehehehe!

I should mention that Degas is a friend of the local Adventurers Club chapter whom you haven't previously met. Hopefully, he'll show up here soon. There's a whole other story about how Creepy Clown came home with us from our recent out of town trip but maybe I'll go into that some other time.


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeek! It's a Stephen King novel under your house!!! Keep children away!!!! *runs off screaming*

    1. LOL! My wife's grandmother gave this to my kids while we were visiting her last weekend. The poor woman has dementia and while she wasn't entirely sure which great-grandkids were visiting her, you could really see her brighten up and engage with them. She was so happy that my daughter acted interested in this clown that she insisted we take it with us.

      I'm not normally bothered by clowns but this one kinda creeps me out. It stayed in the back floor of our car all week and its music box would occasionally play a few notes, just to remind us it was still there. Of course, my son loves it!

      My wife got a kick out of this story when she read it but I'm surprised she didn't make a connection to "IT" since she's a long-time Stephen King fan.

  2. I should also add that now I'm thinking about how to create a clown villain in 1/6 scale. Hmmmm....

  3. Haha, Creepy Clown looks just the kind of thing that likes to dwell in dark under the house... I'm glad Mia wasn't curious to venture further into the darkness. :)
    And he has a music box too! Music box-tunes sound either sad or eerie to me so that just adds to his creepiness. ;D
    The story behind Creepy Clown reminds me of an old teddy bear my father brought us from an abandoned house when I was a kid. I always thought the teddy was out to get us because he had these evil-looking blood-red eyes... And I still don't trust him, haha!

  4. Oh ah, under the house is almost as bad as the attic. :)