Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dolls in Geektopia - Mia

 Mia is one of the Pure Neemo characters that I had really been wanting for the past few years. Although there have been many cute versions of Mia, I couldn't quite find one that fit my image of her until now. I was very tempted by the DS store exclusive version of Majokko Mia and was almost ready to buy one when Azone announced Mia-Spring Rabbit. This version has the newer, more mobile Flection body and her clothes seem a bit more practical for my needs than the Majokko version.

I have a vague idea involving a small group of friends (all PN dolls) who go on various adventures. I knew that Lycee would be one of them, Maya would also be one and a blonde version of Mia would be yet another. I have Lycee (Progression), Maya (Sweets ala Mode) and now Mia (Spring Rabbit), so my little crew is complete for now... unless I can add Yuzuha at some point!

I've had Mia here for several days but I haven't been able to photograph her until now. In fact, the poor girl has been hiding away in her box to protect her from the clutches of a zealous, doll-loving 21 month old!

 I have to admit, this girl is a real cutie!

As you can see, I decided to dress her down a bit since it's already quite warm here. She probably wouldn't need her beret and sweater in 77º F weather. Besides, you can really appreciate the detailing of her dress this way.

Yet another try at the "doll holding flowers" shot that nearly always goes awry for me. This time, it turned out OK although you can tell the bouquet is already starting to fall apart. I pick the flowers at the last moment before the shot so they don't have time to wilt (much) before the photo is taken.

Finally, a bit of lagniappe.... The bouquet is really beginning to wilt and fall apart at this point so this shot is the best of a bad lot. With each successive shot from this pose, there were fewer flowers and they looked sadder. Doesn't take long for that to happen.

Over all, I'm really happy with this girl. Aside from the marathon computer babysitting session needed to pre-order her, I was please with my purchase. With a full set of spare hands and extra clothes and accessories, I think she was a reasonable value. Hopefully, I can take more shots of her in the near future but we shall see about that!


  1. Congrats on her arrival! She is quite lovely. The dress is nicely detailed too. It seems the Ex-Cute clothing look a lot more detailed than the Character Series clothing, at least going by photos I have seen.

    Shame about the flowers wilting although you really can't tell in the photos you have of her.

  2. Azone clothing is pretty consistent in terms of basic construction and material quality but I alway feel you get a bit more with the Ex-Cute as opposed to the Character series. A good example would be to compare this girl, who basically has a small wardrobe, with say Asuna from Sword Art Online. Asuna is a cute doll and her elf costume seems accurate but I had that feeling of "did I really pay $120 USD for this?"

    Those flowers (which I think might be a wild violet) grow all over my back yard. I have so many tiny wildflowers in my yard during the spring that it's always tempting to use them in photo shoots. Then I remember how fast they die when picked! It has become a bit of a joke for me, although I was pleasantly surprised at how well they held up this time. Maybe one day, I'l get some sakura from the Yoshino Cherry out front. They actually seem to survive longer when they bloom.

  3. Congrats,Mia is so cute! :)
    I think this adventuring group of friends idea of yours sounds really good, looking forward to photostories with this theme! ^__^

    The first pic of Mia holding flowers looks really pretty, it doesn't look awry to me at all~ The color of these flowers compliment Mia's tender color theme well.

    1. Thanks Spica! I hope to be able to post some photostories although I simply don't have much spare time nowadays.

      The flower photos turned out OK and I'm glad you liked them. I'm my own worst critic of course but there were also some shots later in the session that really looked sad. These two are much better than some I've posted in previous years!

  4. ... they didn't fill my order for her. -_-

    It's ok though, I've got the DS version on the way XD I'll hunt down the Normal Version someday.

    So, I must live vicariously through yours! More photos!!!! XD

    1. Heather, I'm sorry to hear that. Did you get a cancellation notice or anything similar? I guess my concern would be that you go a few weeks thinking you'd gotten in on the pre-order only to get an email saying "Oooops! Sorry, never mind!". I hope it wasn't something like that or worse, that you just never got your confirmation and/or payment request.

      I will *try* to take more photos when babies, weather and life in general decides to cooperate! LOL Right now, both kids are napping but after I finish this reply, I'm off to take a much needed shower and this is my chance!

  5. Your Mia is very cute and the flowers look okay to me, I especially love the photo of her sitting. I expect she will be seen quite regularly at the Adventurers Club??

    1. Yep, I plan to have Mia as a member of the local Adventurers Club chapter. I would LOVE to get some more photo shoots with her but my time is taken up with "kid wrangling" nowadays. :)