Saturday, July 19, 2014

More old stuff- Desert edition

Going through my photo files, I came across a number of interesting things I did back about 5 years ago or so. Since about 99% of my photography nowadays consist of iPhone pics of my kids, it's a good thing I used to photograph stuff that's relevant to this blog!

Anyway, back in 2009, I had this idea for a story involving a military unit operating in the desert. I was considering the idea of perhaps a near-future Post Apocalypse setting. I did several 'bashes of various figures before the idea puttered out in the face of the reality that I live in a completely green, sub-tropical environment. Oh well, I was still pretty happy with the figures!

The base figure is a super Articulated GI Joe while the uniform, gear and weapon are a mix of Dragon, BBI and Soldier Story. I like him enough that I'm considering rebuilding him at some point.


  1. Don't know a lot about GI Joe, but he certainly looks like he's well kitted out!

  2. Glad you like him! I have to admit that I don't try to model perfectly realistic, real-world soldiers, so by "real world" US military standards, he's pretty lightly equipped. I just decided that all of my folks are from a fictional country/ alternate history and that takes care of any naysayers.